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  1. This post is so spot on. I think another form of crazymakers are “haters” (hip-hop parlance) those who bring nothing to the table but negative energy and undermining quips when you’re trying to embark upon a creative task.I wholeheartedly believe in the power of surrounding yourself with people who want to see you succeed in the happiest and healthiest way possible.

  2. My parents and I now stay home for Thanksgiving and make our own meal – prime rib – but when we used to travel, I would have loved this salad for dinner. I don’t eat any traditional Thanksgiving foods and I would have happily eaten all of this salad. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. El más largo en un sudario siglo solar desee oportunidad hoy, 22 de julio. A pesar del logro que los orientales son impropios Una buena para salir adecuado a las condiciones climáticas adversas, a través de fortalecer a pesar de esto cuesta affair cobrar. Después de todo, como recordamos , admirar el sol no sonar a ver. Oftalmólogos creen – la forma superior para cuidar de sus ojos de helios quemadura – no mirar el eclipse.

  4. Et c’est proprement scandaleux qu’on n’entende pas parler de ce fait dans la presse nationale. La même chose se serait passée dans une mosquée par exemple, que nous aurions eu instantanément la levée de bouclier et les cris d’orfraies de la presse bien-pensante. Je précise que si cela s’était produit dans une mosquée ou une synagogue ou un temple shinto, le scandale n’en serait pas moindre. Je demande un peu d’équité…

  5. This reminds me of teh movie High Noon, where the sheriff is called in to clean up the town, and when he does, the town turns their back on him, and a Clint Eastwood movie, who chucks his badge on teh desk, again after he eliminates the bad guys, and is almost fired for it.Life imitates art so they say, and Bristolis no different.Bristol Believer

  6. “he’s the only one saying it”Here’s some other people saying it, Walid. If you have any compassion for the plight of the Palestinians, you owe it to yourself to read these links. (in Arabic)

  7. BOA NOITE!A compreensão da importância dos papéis múltiplos exercidos pelos professores Ao compartilhar experiências e saberes, cientes que o conhecimento só pode existir como construção coletiva da humanidade, estamos dando um importante passo em direção ao futuro: o passo de quem não tem medo de errar e compartilhar conhecimento.Parabens

  8. I do the majority but I def need to work on having more fun and laughs. I find getting the balance in this difficult. I either go through spells where I have too much fun and not enough work or vice versa. Food for thought, thanks! Kelly

  9. Sue,All your points in your post are true. This is all a well constructed plan for people to hear right wing views only. (I believe MSNBC is included in our basic cable.) That’s why we need Net Neutrality. It’s the Idependents that the Dems will lose. You described a typical day in their life…the 2 jobs, etc. They don’t have time to think about these things. Also, as you know Sue, our town is owned by Clear Channel….total right wing.I’ll be back later. Must get to work.

  10. Yeah, I missed the first 2 minutes of last nights episode & was forever trying to figure out what exactly the whack-a-do writers were doing. Other than the last 5 seconds, it was more a mid-season snooze episode than a season finale.I like the show, but I have huge issues with Bones’ character. For an anthropologist, she’s rather clueless about some cultural stuff.

  11. más de 5 meses+14 dijo:Segun Animal Planet el chicle es bueno para los dientes ya que la mejor arma que es para las caries es la saliva.Buenísimo, pero no para tirar en la calle

  12. Lost in all the blather about “Global Warming” is the fact that more people die of COLD every year than of HEAT.If the Democrats had their way with the environment, then even MORE poor people would die.Heh.

  13. Does anyone pay $25.00 for hardcovers anymore? I know that is the retail price but between Amazon and discounting at all of the chain stores, I don't think I've paid that much for a book in a long time.

  14. . The drivers know they can overcharge you. In fact, a friend told me cab drivers in India have “special” prices depending on the nationality. Americans and Saudis get charged the most bc they’re ALL supposedly rich, right? ((sarcasm)) :p

  15. Should they be mixed? They are one in the same… Following God is the right way to GOVERN our lives. Therefore any system implemented in any given nation should incorporate and operate within the perameters of God’s policies. Every government in the world operates according to one of two kingdoms – the Kingdom of the Holy God, or the kingdom of darkness. If any government thinks they are separating ‘religion’ from politics… they’re gravely mistaken. It’s simply impossible.

  16. Often felt like doing something of that nature but I KNOW that there would be some “person” with a pointed head watching me. Do the “pointed head ” people not realise just how much they are turning the population against them, or do they not care!!!!

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  18. Just want to say a ‚big thank you‘ for sharing this well guarded secret recipe. Have tried making it before but it was a total disaster but at last I am now able to make this pork knuckle and get it to almost like how I want it except for the taste which is still rather bland. Am still trying to get the taste right but the texture is there. Do keep posting and keep us motivated with your delightful recipes. Thank you again for your sharing. God bless you and your family.Nic’s friend

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  20. After losing our car this year and almost losing our house (thank God that part is all worked out)…we donated a Thanksgiving dinner to a needy family. I decided not to let these things that happened this year get to me, so I’ve taken charge and started my own apron business and I can’t believe how excited I am, especially because my family is so encouraging and helpful. I hope my aprons will make women feel just a little extra bit of the special ladies they are when they are wearing them.

  21. WOW…….AMEN….You know we all fight a battle of our own every day and I know God is standing right there with us! There for I know this is not a battle fought alone but next to our maker who gives us the power and will to choose and conqure anything that may come before us!I pray every day that his will be done and for the strength to do his will.

  22. Denise C comentou em 10 de novembro de 2011 às 16:39. Julia,Tenho 03 perguntinhas para você, e gostaria MUITO que me respondesse!:1) sou bem branquinha, se usar a kid na palpebra toda qual outra que posso fazer o concavo??quero um efeito bem natural…2) me fale desse novo serum, que você ta usando? é bom como skinceuticals??3) onde compro esse curvex shu ??Muito obrigada!! bjos!

  23. November 5th, 2012IanCRob, I agree with you BUT, will you tell Denise for me, please 14years we’ve had Goldwings and the next time she cleans it will be the first !!I’m absolutely fed up of doing it all myself but I’m not brave enough to tell her to unchain herself from the sink and stove and get the bike cleaned !!ps – the collapsible buckets are great and well worth having an extra one or two in stock – they sometimes spring a leak !!  

  24. C’est très bien pour Me Koubbi, il s’est fait une excellente publicité, comme Me Collard en son temps avec M. Virenque, et il en a profité pour remettre Tristane Banon sur le devant de la scène. Elle doit être heureuse, elle aussi, d’être de nouveau passée sur le petit écran.En fait, il n y a qu’un seul mécontent, Jerôme Kerviel, c’est donc un excellent arrêt qui a été rendu.

  25. Any time any such meeting is convened to develop any kind of ridiculous “quality-of-life” judgment and policies, we should find where such meetings are happening, and we should storm them and keep on chanting “this is not science, this is bigotry.”So-called scientists tried the same kind of thing in the middle of the twentieth century with their “bell jar” theories to try to prove that people of color had less intelligence. It is pure unadulterated bigotry.

  26. Happy belated birthday! You definitely know how to celebrate another year older! Looking forward to reading about the latest life’s journey for the Pages – adoption. You know that I wish you the best outcome for you all.

  27. Vous ne nous épargnez guère, Pierre Assouline, ces derniers temps : un billet sur la Shoah, un sur le 11 septembre, et maintenant Max Jacob et ce cliché qui me remue…Non, pas Desnos demain, hein…Ni Léon Deubel, un authentique oublié celui-ci, ou Tristan Corbière…

  28. Good morning America! It’s good to be alive today..Much game changing info over the week end…Can’t wait to hear how it plays out…The libs will be acting up over the climate change lie……We continue to fight the good fight of faith..There was never a victory without a battle. Fight till we win!! God bless you all!!

  29. Obama , is not the president and should have the class as past presidents elects have done and keep there mouths shut…..He is not the sworn in President, I fear for our great country. I thank god I am in the south, we still will die for freedom and protect the weak. Good luck to those who have taken the socilaist way. Just keep this guy in your sites and be careful what rhetoric he spews.

  30. Anonymous quoted from that Lee Harris piece:"Eminent conservatives, such as David Frum and David Brooks, have made this point by their serial put-downs of the Tea Party movement, largely on the grounds that it lacks intellectual respectability."ROFLMAO! Frum and Brooks are criticizing the Tea Party movement for lack of intellectual respectibility!

  31. Le 24/04/2012 à 21h37 Mais d’habitude la collection est trouvable n’importe où ! Surtout pour une action pareille, pourquoi est-elle aussi peu vendue ?La jupe multicolore et les compensées vertes sont géniales, en plus j’ai besoin d’une jupe en ce moment, () mais j’vais pas aller la chercher à perpète les oies quoi. Sinon j’aime beaucoup la photo de Cuillère à abstinthe et du couple d’Un placard pour deux, et j’ai trouvé les photos de la campagne internationale, H&m a pensé à y mettre 2 couples gays.

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  33. scusa Paolo per il disturbo e l’offtopic. non riesco a trovare un tuo vecchio articolo in cui parlavi di vecchi film digitalizzati (mi sembra che si parlava di film disney) in cui venivano modificate le immagini diciamo così „scomode“. sto spulciando il sito senza successo. puoi aiutarmi? grazie e scusa ancora per il disturbo.

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  36. B-b-but Arnold condemned steroid use,and maintained he regretted his earlier use as a young man. He advised the „kids“ to stay off that stuff,and be like him…clean! And now YOU,some internet writer,suggests he was using drugs as late as T-3?! I am shocked!!-shocked…As for Barry,Selig needs simply to say,“Yes,he cheated,and I wont be there and we’ll put an aterisk by his number. And we’ll asterisk Mark McGwire’s ludicrous record too. Oh,BTW,I resign! Now,I can get you a deal on a new Focus that will knock your socks off…“ 😀

  37. Yeah, I think you’re right, about the *before* part… You can’t force medication unless they are in a committed patient position… And you gotta admit, even if I did take a wee bit of exception, it was the 1st time… Bunker is as hard-core redneck as … uh … well … the rest of us!

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  39. Where’s the “I LOVE THIS COMMENT” button for your comment?Gaiman’s comment on your friends giving you advice is spot-on. It’s a piece of advice I’ve taken to heart.I’m lucky in that I’m able to recall things pretty quickly, so whatever conversations I’ve had in my head, I can bring them up again without the use of pen and paper, or the voice memo function on my iPhone while I’m out running. Besides, I wouldn’t want to hear my voice while I’m running; I’m sure I’d sound like some kind of breathless pervert.Thank you for adding me to your blogroll of awesome. I’m honored.

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  44. Yeah, I was quoting you, so I can see how you couldn’t understand.See, p, there’s irony in accusing me of perfecting the right wing (if only) and then making demands to silence a commenter here. Now, it’s an irony too complex for a blinkered, partisan sycophant of a fool to understand, but, it was funny to me and, since that’s what I INTENDED, then I think it did the job.

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  48. The demographic shift towards non-whites will defeat any such plan Dan.I think it will be very difficult from now on for a 'conervative' Republican to win…only if the Democrats turn the place into a third world hellhole.I think America is deeply divided and as the years go by,seccessionist movent(s) will arise.

  49. Non, non j’ai vu la moitié de la saison 1, et ça m’a saoulé, j’adre David Boreanaz, (j’ai l’integrale du Buffyverse ^^), mais je trouve que le rôle ne lui va pas… ou j’ai trop mangé de vampires pour le voir là dedans (et en fait, j’avoue, je n’aime pas l’actrice à ses cotés ^^ )

  50. “Bristol is widely recognised for its strong media, creative and digital economy." so why wasn't the digital community ustilised for this? Capgemini got most of the work £150K + without a competitive tender! Dis: My company did not pitch for this as we are a content agency but I am very disturbed about the procurement process!

  51. Lankha007 ce que tu dis, c’est exactement ce que la plupart des gens ont compris, mais c’est une caricature fausse. ggaudin a parfaitement analysé l’idéal communiste. Car le communisme reste un idéal, et donc le but est de s’en approcher de plus en plus par le socialisme, c’est ce qu’on appelle le progressisme. La société communiste n’est peut etre pas impossible pour autant mais elle ne se réalisera pas du jour au lendemain.

  52. Da er jeg her igjen. Superglad og superfrekk. Har nemlig lagt inn innlegg nr 2 pÃ¥ S denne uka 😉 Fy og fy sÃ¥ frekt!! Men som du kanskje skjønner har posten arbeidet svært effektivt og jeg sier TUSEN HJERTLIG TAKK! At det skulle være behov for enda mere premie kan jeg ikke helt skjønne. Dette var flott og akkurat passe i størrelser ogsÃ¥.

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  56. I do NOT have any confidence that the police will do anything to bring these Muslim thugs to justice. The British people have been betrayed by their own government. All you Brits better get used to Muslim ass kickings and worse because your government will NOT protect you. You've already rolled over and let them take away your right to defend yourselves.

  57. , we did take your recommendation to get real ice cream malts at the Gass Station, excellent recommendation, way better than any soft serve crap. Also got lefse, the Norwegian in me loved it!Wanted to do the parfait, but didn’t make it to Salty Tart. Did the wine ice cream last year and loved it. This year we did the wine flight (served in a card board cutout of MN, lots of fun!)Thanks for the great guide, definitely will watch for it next year!

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