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  5. Given the subjective nature of triggers and the wide variety of emotional trauma that may produce them, such an option seems impractical.Rather, as mentioned below, a more generalized warning at the beginning of the game would be more suitable (as Silent Hill used to provide).“This game contains scenes which contain violence, abduction, murder and cruelty.” Or something.

  6. « tu vois Maman, parfois dans le marigot, deux hippos se dressent, se bastonnent coton-dur, puis l’eau, la boue et le soleil retombent. Nous les filles, remarque on s’en fiche, on continue de jaser, mais ça fait du spectacle, ça anime. Tu vois c’est comme on dirait des tournois de mots, un peu comme le parlement belge entre wallons et flamands « 

  7. Moi, ce n’est pas l’en-bas qui m’inquiète : mourrir est entrer dans le grand sommeil. Ce qui m’inquiète, c’est la façon d’entrer et ce qui la précédera, ce qui m’inquiète, c’est de savoir ce que je perdrai, ce qui m’inquiète c’est de penser à la souffrance des miens.PS Lire la note sur Gorz chez Eric Dupin. Il y a un échange entre Dupin et un posteur qui n’est pas piqué des vers.

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  15. Thanks, Irene! Your comment about cleaning windows made me chuckle (because I hate cleaning windows!). But you’re absolutely right that there are several ways we can “emotionally” clear out the fog. I encourage all my clients to do some form of meditation regularly because I find that it’s terrific for relaxing and clearing out the mental clutter. So glad you came to comment– hope you’ll visit again!

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  20. I am glad you enjoyed it! For the next 4 days he is still in the military but then we are officially retired. Woo Hoo!!! We moved here because he was offered a great opportunity with great benefits so we jumped at it, quickly retired from the military and moved here.

  21. Yo he vivido acomplejado por lo mismo durante muchos años, siempre pensando que la gente se estaba dando cuenta de mi exceso de sudoración y complejo. he sufrido bastantes crisis de ansiedad, en especial a la hora de conocer a gente nueva, es como si me echaran una jarra de agua por encima, todo sudor y más sudor. Tengo fobia a empezar a trabajar en mi nuevo puesto por miedo a que se den cuenta y se mofen de mí. Acabo de empezar un tratamiento que espero me ayude.

  22. I had awesome meatball noodle soup while in Indonesia donkeys years ago and it was sooooooooo GOOD….. the meatballs and everything else in teh souptoo. Now I know why. I attempted to make some 'springy ' meatballs but of course they were a complete fiasco. Some ingredients are just magic aren't they?

  23. Pienso como tú, Nelson. Las ciencias exactas no lo son tanto, por eso ahora las llamamos experimentales. No tienen todas las respuestas, ni siquiera las grandes respuestas. En mi caso, nunca he recurrido a un libro de física o matemáticas para buscar las respuestas a las grandes preguntas que he ido haciendo en mi vida; en cambio, si las he encontrado en la poesía o la literatura. Si no la respuesta, sí el camino.Gracias por tu comentario.

  24. I can’t wait to start reading your blog! I was received into the Church last Easter as well. My husband and I converted together–also from an Evangelical Protestant background. My dad is actually a Southern Baptist pastor (a very anti-Catholic one at that), so I definitely think I’ll relate well to your posts.

  25. These observations recall old rather faded but still sadly treasured memories – Bede Jarrett, Arthur Penty, Christopher Hollis, English Mistery, “Chesterbelloc”, Brocard Sewell, Jorian Jenks, Anna Bramwell, etc. How do we actually get back to medieval corporatism in our damaged multicult island, and enlist Prince Charles to the cause of regeneration? More luck than Maurras had with the Pope?

  26. Are you referring to the fact that Andoid has to acknowledge Lucasfilm in their promotions due to the fact that George invernted the term ‘droid’? Or did George combine with Android to put on a stage play where his trousers kept falling down and his wife’s lover is hiding in the wardrobe?

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  39. What’s interesting is that, yes, blogging has become an obligation, but for me it is also a lot of fun. I do feel the pressure to post every day, but when I sit down to do it, I get riled up, immersed in my topic. I love piecing words and ideas together. I love wrestling with unique metaphors. This blogging thing is immensely rewarding to me. What’s fascinating is that I now have two very different things in my life – parenting and writing – which both involve tremendous amounts of obligation and joy. What I am realizing is that even joyful things must be kept in check.Happy holidays!

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  42. My Mums come to visit today and were sitting on the lounge watching the rowing. After a few moments she asks me who and what are all the people on the bikes in the background? I explained that they are the coaches, physios and team support for the different teams in the race. I then added that i think the guys on the bikes with the back packs are carrying energy drinks and supplements for the rowers. She turned to me and asked but how do they get the drinks out to the middle while they’re rowing…. I’m still killing myself with laughter while I’m typing hahahahaha….

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  48. You look beautiful, and so does the bride – what a wonderful weekend! I spent the weekend cleaning and moving furniture – not fun! At first I was like "what the hell are the onesies for?" then realized you could get make up and hair done without messing it up – duh!

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